Wider World 3 Workbook with Online Homework Pack

A workbook to go with the Wider World Student's Book, with extra online homework pack.
ISBN: 9781292178769
Szerző: Sheila Dignen
Oldalszám: 126
Kötés: Puhakötés
Kiadás éve: 2017
Formátum: Könyv + Online Tananyag
Szint: A2-B1
Nyelv: angol
Korosztály: 10-14 évig

Értékelés(Még nem érkezett értékelés.)

Ár: 3 625 Ft

Készlet: 1-10 darab


Wider World reflects the way that today’s teens access information and entertainment: from the internet, using personal devices such as tablets, laptops and mobiles. The content and the style in which it is presented is designed to inspire and challengeteenagers. By interacting with the content, rather than just practising, students acquire the language at a deeper cognitive level. Rather than just another subject on the curriculum, English becomes the tool through which they access a Wider World of knowledge, skills and experience.


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